Seek Him who is still in control.

Well, my blogging has begun. I have evolved from verse pf the week. to two- minute videos and now to blogging. Hoping to continue weekly to start and encourage you so you can continue to be:

Isaiah 26:1-21

The prophet Isaiah’s time was when the Assyrians were becoming a major threat to Israel. This book is mountains and valley time for Israel. In their valley, Judah continued to disobey, reject and ignore God (1:2-4). The city of Jerusalem was also unfaithful and were murderers. They refused to help orphans and widows (1:21-23). Isaiah tells of the mountain top relationship with God, when God will welcome them back, forgiven and restored, with harsh judgements upon their enemies.

In this chapter, Israel praises God for their deliverance. He is a God of peace, justice, trust and righteousness (26;12-13).  Isaiah gives us four tips for our spiritual lives:

  • Vs.3, 12               He will give us peace.
  • Vs. 12                  all we have is from God.
  • Vs. 13                  others have ruled us.
  • Vs. 13                  we worship God alone.

I try to keep God ruling every area of my life and to worship Him even if I do not understand. My daily and lifetime challenge is to seek His presence always. Some days I do and somedays I do not. Even with the recent pandemic and the whole political scene, God is still the supreme commander of this world. I may not always understand, but He has got this and you and I are not alone. During this week, focus on one of the above and seek His presence in your life every day.

Dale Hansen

March 17,2021

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