Change now!!

Jeremiah 9:1-26. Jeremiah spoke to Judah and the southern kingdom during the reigns of the last five kings. As the time approached for the Babylonians to take them into exile, Jeremiah spoke two overall messages in his book. First, Judah continues to be disobedient, does not listen to God and totally rejects Him (9:2). GodContinue reading “Change now!!”

Never Give Up

Little different this week on my blog. I have two items. One is my favorite Bible verse and my most favorite ten books I have read. I have heard someone say you become what you read and reflect the character of the people you associate with.   Bible verse is Galatians 6:9: ”Let us notContinue reading “Never Give Up”


Habakkuk starts the book complaining as he calls God for help. God does not respond at all to his pleas. Habakkuk see a world of violence, sin and no mercy. There is no justice where the wicked outnumber the righteous (1:1-4). He tries to understand God’s plan. Will the righteous continue to suffer and theContinue reading “STOP COMPLAINING”


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