2 Kings 17:1-23: When Jacob, father of Joseph, came to Egypt, he came with his twelve sons. These sons became the 12 tribes of Israel who eventually Moses led from Egypt. During the reign of Solomon, two of the tribes did not follow Solomon. Judah and Benjamin separated from the other ten tribes. They calledContinue reading “IS GOD NEAR YOU TODAY?”

Where is our nation heading?

Nahum 1:1-13. This was one of my devotions I wrote the about 3 years ago. Nahum wrote to the people of Judah and predicted the coming of the judgment on Nineveh, the capital of Syria. After Jonah, the city was again warned of their sinfulness. The Lord is a jealous God and slow to anger.Continue reading “Where is our nation heading?”

Who Is Runnning Your Life?

“Always Moving Forward.” First draft of the first chapter of the new book I am currently working on. As I thought about this book to encourage us to spend time His Word, spend time in prayer and in worship, I hesitated on the title and matching the direction God would take with this book. IContinue reading “Who Is Runnning Your Life?”