A friend of a friend recently published a book titled: “Parenthood Unplanned, A Survival Guide for the Unexpected”. I have the book review below I posted on Amazon for your reference. But one of the key points is the impact of abortion on the young girl as her life moves forward. Thank you for the encouragement this book gives to choose life. I highly recommend this book by Sarah Dunford.

Amazon Book Review – 5/14/2020:

This is a well written and with a personal touch, covering survival in unplanned pregnancies of young girls. She tells the hard truth herself on the impact of abortion on the lives of these girls – today and in their futures. They make a wrong choice mostly because of their believed lack of support and encouragement. She also includes some stories from other woman who have been in these situations. The stories help tell you that God is still in control and is beside you even when you cannot feel His presence. Our two girls are adopted and one of the stories involves my wife and I. We appreciate the love this young mom showed in her decision in choosing life for her daughter and giving us the joy of sharing in our daughter’s life. This book is a good reference covering the truth of making the wrong choice