God’s power, not my power

Ephesians  3:1-21:  Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us”. Paul prays for the Ephesians to be rooted, grounded and anchored in God’s love and power. We need to work on knowing His love for us surpasses our definition of what we believe love is. Paul mentions how God’s grace is in Him, and Paul is able to share the gospel to all people. All glory is to God the Father with His eternal purpose accomplished through His Son, Jesus Christ. We can accomplish a lot through Him as long as we remain anchored in Him.

Verse 20, we can do more with God working through us for His glory. We can achieve more than we could ever dream, desire, imagine or ask for. We must also let God work His plans and not our plans. He is always working and answering prayers in His way and His timing.

Patti, my wife, and I have seen Him work in ways we would have never considered and way beyond our plans. Early in our marriage, we knew we loved and wanted kids, but God had a different plan. We could not bear children on our own. Our first reaction was disbelief and grief. We thought we had no other options. How could this be His plan for us? We wondered, prayed, waited and prayed. Waiting comes up often in the Bible as we need to wait for His timing. I like the word wait. Our waiting gave us God’s blessed answer resulting in the adoption of two awesome daughters, Bonnie and Julie. Where are you holding back on God? How God can work through you? Choose one of the below to begin this week.

  • pray not to limit what He can do through you
  • reach out to an “unreachable” person
  • ask for His help in doing what you believe He is telling you to do
  • begin a verse list, add 3:20 to your list and memorize this verse

Published by groundedandgrowingweekly

About the Author Dale Hansen is retired and enjoys inspiring others through his books. He enjoys leading small Bible study groups which he has done for over 35 years. During his marriage of over 40 years, there have been numerous God workings through their lives. These include infertility, adoption, cancer, kidney stones and Parkinson’s. He has two awesome married daughters, 2 great sons-in-law and four wonderful grandsons. He lives in Plainfield, IL

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