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Jeremiah 9:1-26. Jeremiah spoke to Judah and the southern kingdom during the reigns of the last five kings. As the time approached for the Babylonians to take them into exile, Jeremiah spoke two overall messages in his book. First, Judah continues to be disobedient, does not listen to God and totally rejects Him (9:2). God hints to vanquish Judah into exile and make their towns and Jerusalem like ghost towns for not following Him.

Second, Jeremiah does talk of hope for the people including forgiveness, justice and God’s unfailing love for them. God desire for Judah is to boast in knowing Him first. He is a just and righteous God and delights in loving His people by showing His unfailing love. Knowing God starts in three specific areas, as supported and encouraged by myself.

he three areas are:

  1. Read the Bible daily
  2. Meditate with a list of reference verses
  3. Pray daily with a request list.

Personally, one area my wife and I have focus on lately and try daily is our prayer life. First, we stopped reading books on prayer and just stared to pray together. Second, we set my cell phone alarm for 8:30 PM every night. This reminded us to pray and we would stop with what we were doing and pray. Now we do sometimes still miss because we are busy and will pray in a few minutes. This does not always work. Prayer is an ongoing discipline needing daily attention.  Or you can pick number 1 to work on by starting or reading His Word more consistently Later chapters will give you some ideas and what to read. Remember the key is to start or maybe change what you are doing now. Who is running your life??

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About the Author Dale Hansen is retired and enjoys inspiring others through his books. He enjoys leading small Bible study groups which he has done for over 35 years. During his marriage of over 40 years, there have been numerous God workings through their lives. These include infertility, adoption, cancer, kidney stones and Parkinson’s. He has two awesome married daughters, 2 great sons-in-law and four wonderful grandsons. He lives in Plainfield, IL

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