Habakkuk starts the book complaining as he calls God for help. God does not respond at all to his pleas. Habakkuk see a world of violence, sin and no mercy. There is no justice where the wicked outnumber the righteous (1:1-4). He tries to understand God’s plan. Will the righteous continue to suffer and the wicked go unpunished forever? How can God work good through any of this? God does not give us all the answers right away. Sometimes they are yes, no or wait.

God tells Habakkuk to wait and endure, as God reminds Habakkuk of what He can do to all the wicked nations. Waiting for His timing is one of the hardest words in the Bible. God’s timing is always perfect and how often do we see that is true.  In chapter three, Habakkuk prays to God and realizes how awesome he is and how God will come when his people are in deep need. God is our strength and will make us surefooted as the deer.

During my morning runs/ walks, I will sometimes see deer along the path in areas with nearby woods. They have the ability to jump, run fast, turn sharply as they zig zag around trees and jump through a creek. I have never seen any of them stumble. The Lord’s Prayer mentions near the end, asking God to keep us from evil. Translated can be insuring He will keep us on His path and not ours. Like the deer, we should be sure footed. Confirm with God that you are sure footed on His path and not your path. Ask for endurance while waiting for His answer. Pray you do not limit God by looking for your answer. Stop complaining to everyone. I find it is easier to complain to God but He does want to hears from us. David wrote a number of Psalms complaining to God. As Russia continues to move into Ukraine, I find many more things to be thankful for and blessed with in this country.  How long can I go without access to running water. Thinks about it!!   

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About the Author Dale Hansen is retired and enjoys inspiring others through his books. He enjoys leading small Bible study groups which he has done for over 35 years. During his marriage of over 40 years, there have been numerous God workings through their lives. These include infertility, adoption, cancer, kidney stones and Parkinson’s. He has two awesome married daughters, 2 great sons-in-law and four wonderful grandsons. He lives in Plainfield, IL

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