My mission is to turn every one back to the Bible, to daily prayer and to the religious origins of this country. God can bring us through all our trials, including Parkinson’s in my life

The Bible should be our source as believers. This book should have the greater influence in our lives in what we do, say and think. I look around and see a world (and country) heading the wrong way spiritually. We do not know who to believe or who is telling the truth.  The media, politicians and other leaders manipulate us. News has become depressing and they never or rarely share good news. Our response should be God has this and is in control. His plan continues to move forward in His timing. God even came to help Israel when they ignored Him and He is still working today despite my (our) sinful ways. Romans 8:28  says He works all things for good but sometimes we miss the second half of this verse. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose”.  NIV. He does this with those who love Him and who seek His purpose for their lives. Are we doing this today? Is He a priority? Are we avid readers? Is the Bible one of our books? I do love to read and it has only been the past several years I have changed my reading habits to include additional time reading and studying the BIble beyond my usual daily time with Him (close to daily!!). There are a few reading plans that frustrate us. We fall behind and get discouraged when reading daily devotions and reading the Bible through in one year.   For daily devotions, try one of my “One Week at a Time” devotional books. Also, in June 1, 2020, I started to read the Chronological Bible set up to finish in one year. As I read and study now, I guesstimate finishing sometime in late July.  In 1 John 5:21: “Dear children, keep yourselves from idols”.  NIV.  An idol is something we worship, think of too much and spend too much time with. One item may be the books we read. Consider making the Bible more of a priority instead of electronic games, magazines or newspapers. Through His Word we can have a solid foundation to stay influenced by God and not by the craziness around us.

Focus Question: What can I do to start or increase my time reading and studying The Bible? Pick a time of the day or place.


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About the Author Dale Hansen is retired and enjoys inspiring others through his books. He enjoys leading small Bible study groups which he has done for over 35 years. During his marriage of over 40 years, there have been numerous God workings through their lives. These include infertility, adoption, cancer, kidney stones and Parkinson’s. He has two awesome married daughters, 2 great sons-in-law and four wonderful grandsons. He lives in Plainfield, IL

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