52 week devotionals – know God better and don’t fall behind in your daily devotions!

Better learn the verses for the week and do the weekly application. Really learn and understand the lesson for the week. First book is the overall Bible and second book is a walk through the Old Testament. FRIEND me on FB to see my Video Verse of the Week every Tuesday.

Two Buy Options.

Option 1. Click either book: NOW ON AMAZON! Sale on 2nd book!



Thank you to MARK BEGUIN for designing front and back cover.

CONTACT: dale1873@gmail.com

OPTION 2: Dale published a second 52-week devotional book in November. Each book is $10. Send a check to Dale for $10 per book with your address and he will cover taxes, mail cost and sign personally. He can also send to someone for you as a gift with their name and address. Thank you.!


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Published in 2018, “Write Where You Are, Write on Joliet.

Second Annual Anthology, 2018

Collection of Short Stories, Poems and other writings

from local Joliet, IL authors who are part of “WriteOn” group.

I have 2 published Bible devotionals in this book titled:

“Evaluation”, page 34 and “Pay Attention”, page 70.

Third Annual Anthology coming in Fall, 2019