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2ND BOOK coming 2018 – “Journey through the Old Testament”. Delay in 2nd  book due to editing.

Thank you to MARK BEGUIN for designing front and back cover.

Use my weekly study 2 to 5 times per week to really know God, know the material and work on a very doable weekly application!!

BIO – Dale has lead adult Bible studies with his own materials and mentored other guys for over 40 years. Most of the verses and devotions have helped him and his wife through infertility, adoption, cancer (3X), kidney stones, Parkinson’s and prostate cancer..


 First Page – Week 1:

2 Timothy 1:1–18
Focus: 1:7
Overview: Paul was thankful for Timothy’s sincere faith. We are saved
through Christ’s grace, through His death, and for His purpose. We
should not be ashamed of Christ and His gospel. He challenges Timothy
to continue with sound teaching and in tune with the Holy Spirit who
is in us.
Focus: In verse 7, Timothy was young and may have lacked confidence to
step forward into action. Discipline is action—doing and allowing God
to work in and through us. He does not want us to be timid; instead, God
wants us to be bold through power, love, and self-discipline.
How to Apply: Our actions to move forward can include the following:
• making a big decision
• deciding between good and best
• deciding to do what is right
• taking your spouse on a date
• reaching out to a friend via phone call, note, or text
• removing or reducing a distraction (TV, hobbies,etc.)
• committing to praying five minutes a day to start
• picking at least one of the above to work on this week



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